Security hard tags, RF tags, AM tags for security EAS tagging.

Hard Security Tags, UK

With theft and shoplifting being a common problem for retail businesses across the UK, more and more are using security tags on products to deter thieves, and prevent inventory being lost. Here at Invotech, based in Birmingham, we supply retail companies across the UK with a range of security hard tags that are made to protect high value items such as clothing and liquors.

AM Security Tags

AM tags are made with acousto-magnetic technology that can be removed at the checkout by retail staff. They are popular for use on clothing. If taken out of the store while still attached to an item, they will trigger alarm to alert security to the theft, allowing a quick response. Our AM security tags are available to be bought in bulk, wherever you are in the UK.

RF Security Tags

RF tags are used by manufacturers to protect clothing and other products from theft. Retailers commonly use them for a range of products. They use radio frequency to alert staff and security if an item is stolen from a store. An RF tag can be deactivated or removed at the point of sale. Our clients in Birmingham and across the UK use RF systems to protect their goods.