Security tagging solutions for the prevention of shoplifting and retail theft

Anti-Theft Systems for Retail Stores, UK

Based in Birmingham, we supply the latest security systems for the prevention of shoplifting and retail theft for businesses across the UK. Investing in shop security systems can safeguard your future profits by investing in anti-theft products. Our high-tech security solutions can detect stolen items, so you and your security theme can intercept them before they are removed from the store. Plus, they can act as a visual deterrent, as shoplifters are less likely to attempt a crime if they see security systems in place in your store.

Pedestal Security Systems

Pedestal security systems can be placed at the entry points of a retail store. They are fitted with highly responsive sensors and will set off an alarm if an item is taken from the premises. They can also gather data on customer footfall over long periods of time. Our Xellon AM single anti-theft pedestals are available at reduced prices and can be delivered to your retail store anywhere in the UK.

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To find out more about how we can help you keep your products and customers safe with our anti-theft systems, please reach out to our team in Birmingham who will be happy to help. Please call 01827 312136.