The rise in shoplifting incidents at convenience stores is a concerning trend. These small retail establishments face unique challenges due to their layout, limited staff, and the need to maintain an open and welcoming environment for customers. Here are some factors contributing to this issue:

  1. Visibility and Staffing: Convenience stores often have limited staff, especially during late-night hours. This can make it easier for shoplifters to go unnoticed. Improving visibility through well-placed mirrors, security cameras, and adequate lighting can help deter theft.
  2. High-Traffic Areas: Convenience stores are frequently located in busy areas, making them attractive targets for theft. The constant flow of customers provides cover for shoplifters to blend in and grab items without drawing attention.
  3. Easy Access: The open layout of most convenience stores allows customers to move freely between aisles. Unfortunately, this also makes it easier for shoplifters to grab items and exit quickly.
  4. Small Items, High Volume: Convenience stores stock a wide range of small, high-demand items such as snacks, beverages, and toiletries. These items are easy to conceal and carry away.
  5. Lack of Security Measures: Some convenience stores may lack robust security measures, such as anti-shoplifting devices, alarms, or security personnel. Investing in these measures can act as a deterrent.
  6. Desperation and Economic Factors: Economic hardships, addiction, and desperation can drive individuals to steal. Addressing the root causes of theft, such as poverty and substance abuse, is essential.



Invotech UK Ltd received a request to propose a security solution for a prestigious upmarket convenience store located in central London. The primary objective was to address the issue of shrinkage caused by shoplifting. The store faced challenges related to theft of alcohol and other general merchandise. However, the client emphasized the importance of maintaining a welcoming and inviting shopping environment without raising suspicion.

To meet these requirements, Invotech UK Ltd recommended their cutting-edge Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) security tagging solution. Here are the key features of their proposal:

  1. Customized EAS Solution:
    • Invotech designed a tailored system that seamlessly blended with the store’s interior while effectively deterring potential shoplifters.
    • The solution was discreet yet visible, ensuring it did not compromise the warm and inviting atmosphere desired by the client.
  2. Bottle Tags for Alcohol Protection:
    • Invotech introduced specialized bottle tags specifically designed to protect wines, spirits, and other alcoholic beverages.
    • These tags were strategically placed on bottles to prevent theft without disrupting the overall shopping experience.
  3. Security Labels for General Merchandise:
    • To safeguard general store merchandise, Invotech implemented security labels.
    • These labels were discreetly affixed to various items, including non-alcoholic products, ensuring comprehensive protection.
  4. Immediate Impact on Shoplifting Reduction:
    • The EAS security tagging solution was swiftly installed with minimal disruption to retail operations.
    • Almost immediately, the system began to reduce shoplifting incidents, providing tangible results for the convenience store.

Invotech’s approach successfully addressed the client’s concerns, allowing the store to maintain its high-class image while effectively combating theft. By combining technology, aesthetics, and functionality, Invotech ensured a secure shopping environment for both customers and staff

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Retail tagging in a convenience store


Retail security tagging for a convenience store
Retail security tagging for a convenience store

Security tagging for convenience store