Benefits of Security Retail Tagging

What are the benefits of EAS security tagging to retail?

EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) security tagging is a common practice in the retail industry that involves attaching small security tags or security labels to products or packaging, which are detected by electronic sensors installed at store exits, if they are not deactivated or detached at the counter. The primary purpose of EAS tagging is to deter shoplifting and reduce shrinkage, which is the loss of inventory due to theft, damage, or store administrative errors.

Invotech offers a whole variety of EAS security solutions, that can cater for all retail types, from pedestal based systems, EAS doorguard, EAS loop systems to under floor EAS systems. All systems are developed for the primary purpose to protect your merchandise and for the prevention of shoplifting, shop theft, retail shoplifting.

Here are some benefits of EAS security tagging to retail:

  • Reduce shrinkage: EAS retail tagging is an effective way to reduce shrinkage or shop theft due to shoplifting and protect retailers’ profits. By deterring shoplifters and therefore shop theft and reducing the loss of inventory, retailers can improve their bottom line and thereby increase profits
  • Improved security: EAS retail tagging helps retailers to improve their security on openly displayed merchandise and therefore prevent theft. The tags can be attached to high-value items, and the security tagging sensors at the entrance/exit can alert store personnel when someone tries to leave the store with a tagged item.
  • Customer experience: EAS tagging can improve the customer experience by providing a sense of security and reducing the likelihood of theft. Staff are then free, to serve and gain customer rapport, rather than look for shoplifters. This, in turn, can lead to increased customer loyalty and repeat business.
  • Improved inventory management: EAS retail tagging can also help retailers to improve their inventory management by providing accurate data on sales and inventory levels. This can help retailers to make better purchasing and stocking decisions, leading to improved profitability.
  • Cost-effective: Contrary to what retailers may believe, modern manufacturing and development, has made EAS tagging a relatively low-cost security measure that can provide significant benefits to retailers. The security tags and security labels themselves are inexpensive, and the technology is easy to install and maintain.

In summary, EAS security tagging is a valuable tool for retailers to improve their security, reduce shrinkage, improve inventory management, and enhance the customer shopping experience, which ultimately leads to increased retail profits

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